Love this app, I want more!
by Robin Rudin, Speech and Language Pathologist at Effecticomm
Dear Tiga Talk,

As a speech language pathologist this is by far the best speech app out there. I love it because it is like bio feedback. I am using it with some of my school age kids who have significant muscle strength issues including dysarthria (Down Syndrome and genetic disorders). They are so motivated to get it right. It is so valuable for the characters to tell them that they aren’t heard. Volume and precise production are issues that this game really addresses. The kids improve significantly in a short time. I have been using an oral motor app (aphasia group) prior to doing this app so they can pair their understanding of the oral motor components. They are making the connection much quicker by using the Tiga app. It ties it together for them. Having the visual cue to see how a sound is made is outstanding.

So, I want to know what other apps you have planned. I would love for this app to have vowel sounds. For some of my young Apraxia or Down syndrome children or autistic we often have to start at a simple level hammering away at consistent imitation. In addition, it would be great if there were a simple word app. If we took categories and used simple words to practice using the same approach that would be awesome. I find that I can finally work on getting the kids to take their time and execute the sounds more carefully. That requires more muscle strength. It is a win win situation. I use touch prompt cues but this program is moving those kids along much quicker. It motivates them to use better speech. Overall, the kids really are engaged in the story and characters and don’t feel like they are practicing speech. (At least most of them!)

I really hope you have some apps in the works! This is better than any other speech app out there!


Great for my 2yo
by Liquid Soap Dispenser
My 2yo son has always been a little behind his friends when it comes to speech. Not just fewer words, but he says things “bye” but without the “b”, and calls the iPad or iPhone the “I pew.” I figured an app that would help his speech would be interesting to try, though I didn’t know if it would keep his interest.

I got TigaTalk late last night, and was surprised this morning to hear him repeating various sounds as directed by TigaTalk. How did this app get him to do it? By making fun games that are played by him repeating specific sounds. The games actually listen for your child to make the specified sound, which then does thing like throws balls to knock down blocks on screen. There’s a ton going on in this fairly large app, computer animation, footage of what appear to be puppets, traditional looking art, and different voices and character. There appears to be many many levels. And my son plays the speech games for quite awhile without losing interest.

We’ve played this on my iPad and iPhone 3GS and haven’t had any technical issues, I’m not sure why others have reported problems. I think this is an outstanding app for helping kids develop their speech!

My girl loves it!!
by Christa76
I’m so happy we found this!!! My 5 year old daughter loves playing these games on our iPad. She’s very shy and in groups of kids she hardly ever speaks, but after a few days she was giving her cousin lessons on how to say “th” properly :)

I also appreciate that it’s full of positive feedback and doesn’t tell her she’s making the sounds incorrectly. It’s all about trying, right? I’m glad the people who made this realize that.

Please, please, please make more apps like this one.

Highly Reccommend!
by Carissa881
My 3 year old loves this app. He can use it completely independently, and is having fun practicing his sounds.

by Shortstuff1234
Whether your child is just learning to talk, or just needs practice better articulating their sounds, this game provides a fun and interactive way to do it. The instructions are simple enough for younger children to understand, while the game component provides enough challenge to keep older children interested. All in all a well put together app!

Huge value
by Leanne H
So cute and really intuitive. You can tell the developers put a lot of research into this app. I also liked the feature for “grownups” where I can check up on lessons completed and choose games that focus on particular sounds. Recommended!

Cool use of voice recognition
by Los Carlos
Fun app-the gameplay is unique (using your voice to move things) so it keeps kids interested even if they’re not working on speech therapy

by Fishysois
My nephew wouldn’t stop making the sounds even after we had stopped playing. Very cute and colorful, and it seems like the makers did their research.

Great app for young kids
by Westcoastmomof2
This app is super cute and is a great activity for my preschooler! She thinks it’s really fun and loves making all the sounds.

Adorable & fun
by Squ1rr3l
My daughter has been glued to this app for 20 minutes! It’s adorable & fun. Works great, looks great, and she’s actually practicing her sounds (something she never wants to do on her own). Recommended!