Tiga Talk

Welcome to TIGA TALK!

  • Let's play a game - or three! Have fun tuning up your memory, testing your sentence-building skills or practicing speech sounds. Gertie, Gavin and Tiga are waiting to play now!

  • The kids get to make all kinds of cool crafts on "Tiga Talk!" and now you can make them too! You can create all kinds of great stuff and share it with people you love. Let's go, go, GO!

  • Jason, Jodie, Gertie, Gavin and Tiga love story time - do you? You can watch some of your favorite stories here and play them over again as many times as you like. Yay story time!

  • Kokum meets a lot of amazing people doing cool things. She's chosen special videos for you to watch so you can see more about the cultural activities she learns about!

Tiga the wolf pup, Gertie the Gopher and Gavin the Goose are stuffed toys who live with Jodie and Jason, their Dad and grandmother, Kokum. But the toys and the kids have a secret. When there are no adults around Tiga, Gavin and Gertie come to life to play with Jodie, Jason and their friends! But every time Kokum (or another adult) is around they turn back into toys.

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