Tiga the wolf pup, Gertie the Gopher and Gavin the Goose are stuffed toys who live with Jodie and Jason, their Dad and grandmother, Kokum. But the toys and the kids have a secret. When there are no adults around Tiga, Gavin and Gertie come to life to play with Jodie, Jason and their friends! But every time Kokum (or another adult) is around they turn back into toys.

Each episode has a theme. They’re explored in various ways: through on-location cultural activities, through Tiga’s games and adventures in the backyard, and through the interactions between Jodie and Jason and their Dad and Kokum. Three words that fit the theme will be taught in a different Aboriginal language each show.

Here on tigatalk.com kids can explore the world Tiga, Gertie & Gavin live in and play fun games while improving speech and language skills. There’s a lot to do so get going and have a good time!